My First Media Post – Mad I Lost It

So this is my unofficial first post.  I’ve had this site for sometime, but for whatever reason I stop posting and lost all of the content.  So I decided to instead leaving it as my photography, animation, and media site, I’ll just blog and talk about my journey in the media space and experience around areas passionate to me.

While spending time at this bail bonds new york firm, I decided I wanted to visit my family in Philadelphia.  So I packed my bags and walked to 33rd and 11th Avenue.  I walk directly to the bus but know that I have this craving for McDonald’s.  Despite the craving, I don’t have time to stop as I really only have 10 minutes to catch the bus.  So instead, I stop at this food truck that serves hot dogs and other random stuff.  I ask for a hot dog and Coke.  The guy is literally on the phone the entire time and doesn’t really seem to be paying attention.  He then tells me the total is $6.00…..  Really, $6.00 for a coke and a small hot dog.  $4.00 is too much for that let alone $6.00.  He doesn’t even hand me a napkin and after asking for one he hands me a napkin with ketchup on it.  At this point, I actually curse at him…something I rarely do, and he finally gets me a clean one.

Here is the lesson people.  First, customer service.  Get off the phone and act like you care about your customers.  Even if you know you wont be seeing them for a long time.  Because that mentality bleeds over into the people you will be seeing often.  It helps you form better habits.  Second, ask me if there is anything else I want. When you’re distracted while on the phone, you don’t think about asking the customer for anything else they may want something else.  You want to give yourself a chance to up sell people.  You certainly can’t do that when you’re on the phone in your own world.  Finally, pay attention to the details.  You didn’t even have the care or decency to see if the dinky napkin you gave me had ketchup on it.  Let alone just giving me 1 napkin.  And I don’t mean the industrial size strong bounty type napkins.  I mean the ones you get out of a dispenser that are flimsy and breaks easily.

I know I’ve been rambling, but after getting my coke and hot dog, I finally got on the new york bankruptcy lawyer line.  I was somewhat exhausted by the experience but nonetheless what happy to get something in my stomach.

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