Hair Cut DIY Tips From A Media Entrepreneur

After creating my media and photography agency, I always wanted to expand to other areas.  Washington DC being one of them.  So I decided to go to DC to expand my network and meet new potential clients.  It was a tough process because I didn’t know a lot of people down there.  Nonetheless, I had a few people I knew in New York make some introductions to folks they knew in Washington DC and the rest was history.

I knew I need to get sharp, so while I was down there I met a really good washington DC barber shop located on Washington Ave in Washington DC.  Besides getting a great haircut he also have me some amazing hair care tips I wanted to share with you.

First, you should always cut your hair every week to two weeks.  The reason for this stems beyond having a hair cut that looks fresh.  The other side of the coin is the process of adding conditioner which fortifies and makes your hair more sleeker and cleaner and overall healthier.

Second, you should not wash your hair every day.  But when you do, it’s good to wash the day before you go to the barber.  I rarely forgot to do this, but it’s nothing more embarrassing than a ton of snow flakes coming out when you’re getting a hair cut.  It slows down the hair cutting process, doesn’t smell good, and can be embarrassing.

Third, don’t always try to go with the cheapest hair cut option.  When I was in DC, I found a couple options to go to.  I read the reviews and wasn’t too impresses.  I found The Dashery which was charging slightly above average price of $25 per head.  I normally paid $15 per head in New York, but I saw the reviews and felt comfortable.  You won’t always strike gold with someone who charges more as another location I found was charging $40 per hair cut which is definitely a bit steep.  The bottom line is check reviews and don’t go with the cheapest alternative.

Lastly, you should always carry your own pair a liners or hair clippers.  There will be times when you don’t have time to visit a barber.  What do you do in those instances.  Those are cases where it is important to be able to cut your own hair.  If you do, it will really pay off when you want to cut your hair fast and not spend the extra money on another barber.

Yes, I got a lot of these tips from a barber in DC.  I heard some of these from my barber in New York but I simply wanted to share.  Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

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