The best care products for black hair

Natural care involves a keen observance of the right products for amazon seo to use in order to maintain a perfect good hair. The history of natural care products dates back to the medieval times when different people regardless of their cultures and race used to apply oil and wash hair with other herbal products to ensure that their hair receives the best nutrients. Back then, the hair was a symbolic representation of a woman’s beauty and mighty. There are great black hair care products in the market and through them, everyone should ensure that they are in a better position to maintain and treat their hair perfectly.

The texture of the hair varies when it comes to getting the best products to keep it healthier and beautiful. It is always important to do a lot of research and if possible ask experts on the best black hair care products in order to ensure that the hair remains smart and long at all times. Buying quality products is always important since some products have harmful chemicals that may cause the hair to look untidy and break easily. These products are always so useful to ensure that people get the right products. There is always a big difference when it comes to hairs depending on races and an African-American hair is totally different from that of Caucasians, whites or Asians. 

While some people’s hairs are naturally black, others will need to add some products to make their hair look smart, neat and well cared. The best products to buy are those that describe the texture amazon ppc advertising of the hair rather than the color of your skin. The best way to apply the products is to take good time while at home instead of when rushing to the job place. Avoid washing hair with a lot of soap since it reduces quality making it weak and easy to break. Products such as Fiber Strengthening Treatment are well formulated with Filloxane which can be perfectly used with Mizani service. It has the best Filloxane molecules to help in penetrating the hair fiber to improve weak areas without hardening. 

Thermasmooth Smooth Guard is another perfect black hair care product that protects the hair against damage. It has thermal protecting serum that offers the hair a stylish look. The Curl Replenish Intense Moisturizing Masque is another powerful hair product specifically for black hair. It has ultra rich nutrients that work quickly to penetrate and revitalize the hair. It smoothens and ensures the hair gets the best moisture and adds some sweet smell to make you feel great and neat.

High-end skin for Men: How to shave

Since the beginning of time we men have been involved in removing hair from our faces and bodies. It is a right of passage that every man goes through. Whether it grows full and even or bushy and patchy every man will have his own technique to take the hair off of his face.  The average man will shave approximately 20,000 times over the course of his life. What is important to consider is the fact that skin is the biggest organ in the body and is the only organ constantly exposed to the outside world.  What also is important to consider is that there’s a good chance that man is doing something wrong in his pursuit of hair removal. If he was doing everything right then why does he get nicks and cuts, ingrown hairs, razor bumps and razor burn? That is exactly what we want to address. How to stay away from the dark side  of removing hair from our faces. What to do before, what to do, and what to do after to feasibly remove the hair and keep your skin as healthy as possible.

The first thing we want to determine is what type of skin and hair do we have.  Is our skin dry or oily? Is our hair straight or curly? These will be important factors in how you shave and what products you use to assist you in the process. Once you determine this you can find out the exact products to use to keep your hair and skin at an even Ph balance which will keep any possible hair or skin problems to a minimum. Research natural oils like Eucalyptus, tea tree, and lemon grass. In addition to aromatherapy these essential oils have wonderful properties that do great things for the skin. Your research will lead you to which oils and combinations of oils are right for you. The following is a list of steps to follow to develop the perfect process for removing hair from your face in a healthy vibrant promoting fashion.

  1. Clean your face- Use a gentle scrub to clean the bacteria and dirt from your face and out of the hair. I personally use Cetaphil. Its all natural and very light and non-alkaline as well. Feel free to do research on any other products you might like to use as a substitute. There are many of them on the market. I suggest finding one as all natural as possible. Something non- alkaline with no preservatives and possibly plant based. If your skin is normally oily feel free to wash your face twice.
  2. Apply a pre-shave liquid. This will stiffen the hairs as well as close the pore around the hair and prevent bacteria from getting in between the pore and the hair follicle.
  3. Shave first with shape- up clippers. Any brand will do. Its important to take the hair down in levels. This will allow you to determine your comfort level as well as prevent chaffing, ingrown hairs, razor burn and razor bumps.
  4. Use an electric shaver to take the hair down a level lower. Again use this in accordance with determining your comfort level in terms of closeness as well as preventing the issues mentioned in step three.
  5. Wash your face again and use a hot towel to open the pours and apply your favorite shaving cream, gel etc. I personally like to use aloe vera or  this new shave butter that I found.
  6. Prep your razor and shave with the grain.
  7. If you want to be as bald as possible apply again and shave again against the grain.
  8. Wash your face again with a scrub and warm water.
  9. Apply a cold towel to close the pores. This will help the hair follicle grow properly out of the pore as well as keeping out bacteria.
  10. Apply your favorite aftershave and your ready for war.

In closing, it doesn’t matter how good you take care of your skin when you shave, the closer you go the higher chance you will have in-gowns and razor bumps. Razor burn can be avoided just by being mindful and not over aggressive. If you do choose to maintain an ultra clean shave I suggest you invest in a pair of tweezers with a sharp tip. Use this to monitor ingrown hairs so they can be extracted when you find them. Wash your face two or three times a day, this will lower the chances of issues as well. Your skin is exposed to the harsh outside world all day, not to mention how many germs are transferred to your face from your hands in a day. Bottom line, the less dirt on our faces the better. I hope this article was helpful. Happy shaving.


Pros and Cons for Cutting Your Own Hair versus Going to a Barber Shop

Have you ever been in that position where you have to cut your hair for one reason or the other? Cutting your own hair may sound a little bit unusual but sometimes it happens out of necessity. For instance, you may be unable to find a decent barber to cut your hair the way you want or you may simply not have the money to pay a barber.

Whatever the reason, cutting your own hair comes with its pros and cons. Here is a look at some of them in a bid to help you make an informed decision on whether you should cut your own hair or visit a barbershop.


It Doesn’t Cost You a Cent

Perhaps this is the most obvious reason why you may consider cutting your own hair instead of going to the barbers. All you need to do is invest in a good set of clippers and from there on you don’t have to pay for a hair cut. Besides saving on the haircut itself, you will save time as well bearing in mind that you won’t have to commute to the barbershop.

You Know Exactly What You Want

Cutting your own hair yourself essentially means that you’ll never depend or trust another person to give you the style you’re looking for. If you’re really conscious about how your hair looks like, then cutting it yourself can be a great way of getting precisely what you want.

You Don’t Have to Wait for an Appointment

Some barbershops have a huge flow of customers to an extent that you have to book for an appointment to have a hair cut. However, this is not the case when you cut your own hair. You can cut it anytime you want irrespective of what time of day or week it is.


Cutting your own hair has is downsides too, some of which would want to make you think twice before taking that set clippers to cut the hair. They include:

You Don’t Have the Skills to Cut the Hair Precisely How You Want

While you may know what you want, you might lack adequate skills to do it perfectly. Unlike at the barbers where your hair is cut evenly, getting the proper hair length when cutting it on your own can be quite tricky. It may be easier to cut the hair if it’s short but even then you will certainly have problems trimming the hair at the back of your head.

It Will Take Long to Cut the Hair

Looking at your hair in the mirror and trying to cut it perfectly is no easy task. Think of the time you will spend trying to get a perfect cut. However at the barbers, you will spend less than an hour when the hair is trimmed by a professional who probably spends the whole day cutting people’s hair.

There’s nothing wrong in cutting your own hair if you’re comfortable with it. However the quality of the cut might not be as smooth as the one you’d get a barbershop, thus before you cut it on your own, mull over the above outlined pros and cons.






Hair Cut DIY Tips From A Media Entrepreneur

After creating my media and photography agency, I always wanted to expand to other areas.  Washington DC being one of them.  So I decided to go to DC to expand my network and meet new potential clients.  It was a tough process because I didn’t know a lot of people down there.  Nonetheless, I had a few people I knew in New York make some introductions to folks they knew in Washington DC and the rest was history.

I knew I need to get sharp, so while I was down there I met a really good washington DC barber shop located on Washington Ave in Washington DC.  Besides getting a great haircut he also have me some amazing hair care tips I wanted to share with you.

First, you should always cut your hair every week to two weeks.  The reason for this stems beyond having a hair cut that looks fresh.  The other side of the coin is the process of adding conditioner which fortifies and makes your hair more sleeker and cleaner and overall healthier.

Second, you should not wash your hair every day.  But when you do, it’s good to wash the day before you go to the barber.  I rarely forgot to do this, but it’s nothing more embarrassing than a ton of snow flakes coming out when you’re getting a hair cut.  It slows down the hair cutting process, doesn’t smell good, and can be embarrassing.

Third, don’t always try to go with the cheapest hair cut option.  When I was in DC, I found a couple options to go to.  I read the reviews and wasn’t too impresses.  I found The Dashery which was charging slightly above average price of $25 per head.  I normally paid $15 per head in New York, but I saw the reviews and felt comfortable.  You won’t always strike gold with someone who charges more as another location I found was charging $40 per hair cut which is definitely a bit steep.  The bottom line is check reviews and don’t go with the cheapest alternative.

Lastly, you should always carry your own pair a liners or hair clippers.  There will be times when you don’t have time to visit a barber.  What do you do in those instances.  Those are cases where it is important to be able to cut your own hair.  If you do, it will really pay off when you want to cut your hair fast and not spend the extra money on another barber.

Yes, I got a lot of these tips from a barber in DC.  I heard some of these from my barber in New York but I simply wanted to share.  Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

My First Media Post – Mad I Lost It

So this is my unofficial first post.  I’ve had this site for sometime, but for whatever reason I stop posting and lost all of the content.  So I decided to instead leaving it as my photography, animation, and media site, I’ll just blog and talk about my journey in the media space and experience around areas passionate to me.

While spending time at this bail bonds new york firm, I decided I wanted to visit my family in Philadelphia.  So I packed my bags and walked to 33rd and 11th Avenue.  I walk directly to the bus but know that I have this craving for McDonald’s.  Despite the craving, I don’t have time to stop as I really only have 10 minutes to catch the bus.  So instead, I stop at this food truck that serves hot dogs and other random stuff.  I ask for a hot dog and Coke.  The guy is literally on the phone the entire time and doesn’t really seem to be paying attention.  He then tells me the total is $6.00…..  Really, $6.00 for a coke and a small hot dog.  $4.00 is too much for that let alone $6.00.  He doesn’t even hand me a napkin and after asking for one he hands me a napkin with ketchup on it.  At this point, I actually curse at him…something I rarely do, and he finally gets me a clean one.

Here is the lesson people.  First, customer service.  Get off the phone and act like you care about your customers.  Even if you know you wont be seeing them for a long time.  Because that mentality bleeds over into the people you will be seeing often.  It helps you form better habits.  Second, ask me if there is anything else I want. When you’re distracted while on the phone, you don’t think about asking the customer for anything else they may want something else.  You want to give yourself a chance to up sell people.  You certainly can’t do that when you’re on the phone in your own world.  Finally, pay attention to the details.  You didn’t even have the care or decency to see if the dinky napkin you gave me had ketchup on it.  Let alone just giving me 1 napkin.  And I don’t mean the industrial size strong bounty type napkins.  I mean the ones you get out of a dispenser that are flimsy and breaks easily.

I know I’ve been rambling, but after getting my coke and hot dog, I finally got on the new york bankruptcy lawyer line.  I was somewhat exhausted by the experience but nonetheless what happy to get something in my stomach.